Saturday, August 29, 2009

Someone like me, somebody

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

When I first heard Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, I was kinda iffy about it. It was okay, but I've heard better songs. Your Sex is on Fire was an unbeatable bar anthem, so I kind of expected it to be pretty one-hit-wonder.

I kept hearing this song on the radio. Over and over again.
Then it hit me.
I love this song.
Sure it might just be familiarity... but it's kinda really pretty. It's an unexpected twist from their first single. A nice twist.

Originally, Jonathon Larson (Rent) was going to re-write Roger's song, Your Eyes, because he felt that the version they had wasn't quite right. He passed away before Roger could have his song for Mimi rewritten.
I feel like if he had rewritten it, we would have had Use Somebody a lot sooner. It has the right feel with clean but not trite lyrics; it's a beautiful lovesong for people with baggage.

I found an acoustic cover of it by the biggest non-reality-pop-star-in-britain, Pixie Lott. I have a feeling we should be expecting a lot from her in the coming year or so. Even though she messes up the lyrics a couple times, this is a killer rendition.

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