Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pizza-Flavored Combos are Delicious.

Because every train needs a caboose...
So apparently Lady Gaga is bisexual, but is only attracted to women in the physical sense. Gee, I'm terribly surprised. Who would have thought that a woman who's done that much blow wouldn't think twice about going down on a girl because it's trendy, but would never date a girl. It apparently has made past boyfriends "uncomfortable." What guy is uncomfortable with his girl grinding all over other girls in the bar but only coming home with him? Christopher Knight.

Also, apparently, she's insane. Please watch the new music video for Disco Stick (Love Game) and agree with me. I know you will.

Nicole Scherzinger featuring Nicole Scherzinger with a special appearance by Nicole Scherzinger!

Nicole Scherzinger The Pussycat Dolls have released a video for their new single, Hush Hush; Hush Hush. This remix of the original track, Hush Hush, has a fun, up-tempo video which shows amazing disco choreography (possibly choreographed by Doriana Sanchez?) with a sample of I Will Survive. This video, however, marks a steep change in the Dolls' dynamic. The first minute or so of the video is Nicole naked in a tub. Then, she's singing on some stairs while Jessica, Melody, Kimberly, and Ashley dance around in the background. The lead vocals are provided by Scherzinger... as are a majority of the background vocals. Original album art of the single indicated the track was performed by "Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger" (this was later changed to avoid confusion.) While she says that she had no influence of the album art, many speculate that Nicole is planning on pursuing a solo career. Did everyone forget the time she did that already? She officially released two tracks, as well as an unofficial track (Whatever U Like feat. T.I., Baby Love feat. Will.I.Am, & Steam, respectively.) Her solo career basically bombed. So what do they do? They just make the entire album about Nicole.
In the original deluxe release of Doll Domination, there were five extra tracks - each one featuring one of the other dolls. However, at a recent concert, Melody Thorton tearfully thanked fans for supporting her "even though [she's] not featured." Can the Dolls survive without Nicole? Can Nicole survive without the Dolls? I have a feeling that it won't be long 'til we find out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can you feel it?

Okay so this has nothing to do with anything, but I love the show So You Think You Can Dance. The current season is airing on Fox every Wednesday and Thursday night at 8 for the rest of the summer - but guess what! They're putting out a Workout DVD!!

So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit will have a "Groove and Tone" DVD and a "Cardio Funk" DVD. I plan on getting both. And loving it. Release date is set to be July 21st.


So Kanye West has a new video out for his single Paranoid. Somehow, Rihanna is the star of this video. Great, because honestly, Kanye West looks only slightly more attractive than Flav. Now, somehow, he managed to get this girl half nakers.... and she doesn't even have a verse. Chrous. Hook. Nothin'. So, Rihanna, why did you choose to be in this video? "Hey, look! The bruises are gone!"
Nah, that's real harsh. Domestic Abuse isn't funny. 'sides, all those jokes have been made already. But really though... I watched the entire video in hopes that, at some point, Rihanna would have a verse. No, it's just Rihanna dancing in front of a green screen. If I wanted to have fantasies about Rihanna, I would just look at those naked pictures of her that Chris Brown someone released. I certainly wouldn't want my sexual thoughts about Rihanna to be crippled by having to listen to Kanye West (wait, that's what mute's for.)

How Brooke Got Her Wings (killing your career will do that to you)

So Brooke Hogan has released her new single Hey-Yo featuring my boy* Colby O'Donis. Oh... my... god... this song is awful. I'm pretty sure it actually gave me an inner ear infection. I got ear herpes from this damn song. I mean... I honestly wish I could say more... but the only thing you can do is listen to it. Just click on her horrendous new album cover.

*I have never been friends with, met, or fantasized about Colby O'Donis.

Exodus '09

(For what it's worth, my condolences go out to Mike Tyson and his family. I can't imagine what your going through, but I can only hope you have everyone supporting you.)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Jordin Sparks has released the first single from her sophomore album, Battlefield. The lead track, Battlefield, is actually pretty good. I've always kinda liked Jordin - she's the first winner since Kelly Clarkson to do any damage, let alone beat their season's runner-up in album sales (though I have to say, the Blake Lewis album was surprisingly good. I like him.) No Air with Chris Brown is easily one of the most beautiful songs ever. Battlefield isn't half bad. The single, along with a good chunk of the album, is being produced by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, which essentially guarantees success. (he's also working on Leona Lewis' entire new album.)

Jordin Sparks - Battlefield your pants? Get that checked, dude.

Sean Kingston has released a track from his new album Tomorrow, called Fire Burning. I guarantee that this will become a club anthem within a few months, tops. Produced by Red One, (see also Just Dance by Lady Gaga,) the single definitely marks the return of 19 year old Kingston (who, curiously, looks a lot like Kenan Thompson.)

Sean Kingston - Fire Burning (on the dancefloor)

I'm tired of rumors startin'...

Kat deLuna has been just about ignored by mtv and vh1. The 21 year old New York native should have been tearing up the club with her tracks, but I've yet to see a music video of hers anywhere near the charts. Maybe I'm just not paying attention.
Two summers ago, she released the track Whine Up with Elephant Man, and it definitely became a summer anthem on my iPod - it managed to get to #29 on the US charts. She then released a remix of Run the Show with Busta Rhymes (also produced by Red One,) which is still one of my favorite songs - which failed to even break the top 100 in the US charts (only reaching 117.) Unstoppable, a single from her Sophomore album Inside Out and the promotion single for Confessions of a Shopaholic, failed to chart despite the assistance of a verse by Lil' Wayne. Her first official single for the album, Dance Bailalo, was released on May 5th and will shortly have a music video to accompany. Please pay attention to her - she's a crazy talented musician and dancer who has every right to be all over the radio and your playlist - she's already all over mine.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Queen is considering adopting recent American Idol loser runner-up Adam Lambert as a new frontman. The band hasn't had a steady frontman since the loss of Freddie Mercury in 1991. Paul Rodgers, formerly of Bad Company, had been touring with them for the last four years, but Lambert may be the replacement. Talks haven't happened yet, but they're planning on having a "meaningful conversation" sometime soon. (Billboard)

If your boyfriend's got beef, tell him to make me a burger.

3OH!3 is a Rap/Hip-Hop group from Chicago who, despite being marginally attractive white guys, show the genre that they mean business. Their big single right now is Don't Trust Me, and it's currently number 7 on the Billboard charts.
Most of the album is more hard-core hip hop, but check out the track Still Around for more of a ballad.

3OH!3's Myspace
Still Around
Don't Dance

I would punch a baby to live this womans life.

So Katy Perry has a new music video out for her track Waking Up In Vegas. Besides clearly being a huge advert for Vegas, it's actually a really catchy track and a pretty music video (Penn and Teller make a cameo!) I still don't know how much I trust Katy Perry, but damn does she have some catchy music.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So, Peter, You've Become a Pirate

Okay, so I might be addicted to eBay. Down side, I may not be able to afford the things I've bid on. Bright side, Jam Sessions for the DS is on it's way! In honor of it, this post I'll be discussing acoustic musicians.

This is Andrew, my puppet...
The Scene Aesthetic

The Scene Aesthetic is an awesome acoustic band from Seattle headed by Andrew de Torres and Eric Bowlan. They're full of love and totally legit. Eric recently got back from a two year stint in Argentina doing mission work. They first achieved fame all over myspace for being the adorable little tykes they are (and maybe something about music. I dunno.) Andrew is also the lead of another band you may have heard of, Danger Radio. (Apparently, Andrew is just plain ridiculous. My old roommate saw Danger Radio, and he apparently fell over while singing, and spent a majority of the aftershow playing tag with his adorable girlfriend.) Long story short, I love these guys.

The Scene Aesthetic on Myspace
Andrew de Torres - Let Go
Andrew de Torres - Such Great Heights
The Scene Aesthetic - The Alamo is no Place for Dancing

I wanna be Everything to You
Jimmy Robbins

Jimmy Robbins is a musician signed to Motown Records from North Carolina (maybe south? I get them mixed up) who is gonna charm the pants off of you... except he respects you too much, so cover up. Back in February I saw Jimmy live with William Tell... and my friends and I had a fifteen minute conversation with them after the show. Easily two of the coolest guys I've ever met... especially considering how awkward I was. I mean, I was completely starstruck... not to mention, Jimmy's even prettier in person. Sooooooo pretty. ...anyways, Jimmy often updates his myspace with videos of him singing, usually preceeded by information about what he's up to (and usually an update on how sweaty he is.) His big single is Breathe Again, but I don't know if there's any songs of his I don't like.

Jimmy Robbins on Myspace
Update + Taylor Swift Cover
Update + Miley Cyrus Cover
Update + Breathe Again
Update + Surgery (beautiful song. made me cry the first time.)

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue is 3 brothers (plus some other guy) that got their start in Gainsville, Florida. Lead by vocalist Alejandro Manzano, Boyce Avenue doesn't just do their own stuff - oh no. They've covered everything from Linkin Park to Rihanna, and they do an amazing job. I found them over spring break and completely fell in love. His vocals are amazing to listen to, and Alejandro knows that guitar like nobody's business. They'll be playing a show in Philadelphia in June, I'm mad excited.

Boyce Avenue on Facebook
Boyce Avenue on Myspace
No Air
Shadow of the Day
Change Your Mind (Original)

And that's all she wrote! Thanks for playing!! Keep reading, tell all your friends!

Monuments of Disappointment

Two big singles were just released and quite honestly, I'm unimpressed. Disappointed, if you will.

You're gonna make a rabbit appear from

Ciara and Justin Timberlake, two dance-pop powerhouses, just put out a single and music video for Love Sex Magic.
I am more than disappointed.
Does anyone else remember Justin's My Love video? Amazing choreography. Did you see Ciara's Get Up video? The dancing in that was just stellar. Why, oh why, have the two of you forsaken this? I mean let's be honest. I've never heard Ciara hit even one powerful note. I'm not sure she can sing. She's hot and she can dance... but she's just kinda falsettoing to a tune. Justin, yeah he can sing, but he mostly does that whiny falsetto stuff too. Honestly, the two of these guys are known for their amazing dance abilities.
So when I first heard they did a song together, I was on that. I knew it was going to be a club anthem.
...well, okay, that's not quite what happened. The song kinda bites. But the video! The video is gonna be banging, right?
...well, now we know that Ciara could have a career in stripping... or once did. I dunno. Whatever it is, it's not hot.
Justin barely even moved this whole video. There was nothing. No dance, no choreography, no... nothing. I'm just disappointed. I'm more disappointed than your ex girlfriend that one time you... no, I promised her I'd never mention that. Well anyway, I'm really disappointed with this video, this song, this everything. The worst part is that it appears that there was supposed to be a whole choreographed routine on the stage with Ciara and some backups, but only brief seconds of it are shown, the rest of the choreography lost in favor of Ciara's ass rubbing on poles, walls, and Justin Timberlakes.

But you can always decide for yourself.

No one's shot him yet? Really? They shot Fifty 9 times, but no one's shot this guy?

Before I start this, let's just say it now - I've never liked Eminem. When he first started out, all I listened to was Jewel and Michelle Branch, so I definitely wasn't about him then. When my music tastes started to mature... I still didn't like Eminem's "music". Long story short, I'm not going to be careful how I talk about him here, because I don't want people to think I'm just biased. If I had liked Em before, I wouldn't now. He's really become a two-trick pony at this point. All of his singles are either making fun of celebrities or a hard rap ballad of how hard it was growing up a white boy in the hood. His new single, We Made You, is no different. Once again, he makes fun of celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Sarah Palin. He's clearly compensating for something. I'll bet he was that kid on the playground who constantly got beat up, and cuz he was so scrawny he had to learn to fight with his words. This new video for We Made You is no different than any of the other singles he's put out. I'm just unimpressed. Lose Yourself was the closest I've ever been to liking one of his songs (though I didn't mind his verse in Smack That by Akon.)
Sorry Em, but I'm not going to help make you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Album Review - Here, Here, and Here

So I just got Meg & Dia's album, and seeing as how I can't find my gameboy... wait, I just found it. It was next to me this whole time. Seriously, am I blind? I seriously did find it in the middle of typing that sentence. Oh, Irony.

Well, anyways, I'm gonna do an album review.

This album is a bit more poppy than their last album, Something Real. That doesn't mean I don't like it, it's just... different... than the Meg & Dia I'm used to. They've always had a more haunting feel to their music, and it's more than lacking in this album than in their last album. They still have amazingly strong vocals and a unique sound, and I really do like the album.
So far, my favorite tracks are Black Wedding, What If, and Bored of your Love (feat. Tom Higgenson of Plain White T's.) Bored of your Love is a sad tale of a love gone cold. I legit cried a little tore a phone book in half with my bare hands. Because I'm a man. Yeah. Totally manly. *sniff* I was really disappointed by the lack of a strong acoustic track that the group is pretty known for (see Halloween, Rebecca, Lessons in New Jersey, etc.) Here, Here, and Here (the song) seems to be about Mozart, and what he felt went into composing. Course, I know next to nothing about Mozart. So... yeah. Oh come on, you knew that coming into this relationship. How was I supposed to know you wanted me to do the dishes? That's not... sorry, I got carried away. Really though, I have no idea what the song is about. All I know is that it's pretty.
Anyways, assuming Something Real is rated a 5 out of 5, I'm gonna have to give here, here, and here a 3.5. That's not to say that Something Real was a better album, I just liked it a whole lot more.

Going Away - Acoustic
Cardigan Weather - Live
Halloween (from in their bathroom)
Rebecca - Live

Friday, May 22, 2009

Miserable at Best

Pardon the sloppy editing: I'm still getting used to this whole "blogging" thing.

I thought we were done with Avrilites...
Just Jack. ...just kidding. Just Kait is a forty year old hooker 17 year old singer/songwriter. She plays drums, she plays guitar, she plays bass, she sings... and she'll kick your ass. ...or just complain about how much her parents suck 'cuz they won't let her get a tramp stamp lower back tattoo of a flaming dragon coming out of a decayed skull breathing fire and hate. And I mean, don't preps just suck? Like, omg. They should all die. PUnkS t0TaLLy RooLe.
Well, according to this music video for U Suck, they should all have sex with make out with each other.
I can support that.
(Note: this song is the theme song for Parental Control, the realidating show on mtv. Considering that first aired in 2006, that makes this song 3 years old... even though this music video is is just now circulating on mtv, it was recorded when she was 14. At least that's older than Jojo.)

You can have it. Really, I don't mind.
Taking Back Sunday is... well... back. Their new single, Sink into Me, isn't half bad. It kinda really deviates from past Taking Back Sunday ventures - Now on their third singer (Originally Fred Mascherino and John Nolan. John Nolan left to co-create Straylight Run and was vocally replaced by bassist Matt Rubano. Fred Mascherino left the band to create The Color Fred, and the band is now lead vocally by Matt Fazzi, originally of Facing New York) ...where was I? Right. Now on their third lead singer, they've gone towards the solo singer direction, leaving the traditional Taking Back Sunday dual vocalist sound in the dust. I'm not sure how I feel about a band with more ex-band members than current ones, but I'll take my chances. The song isn't half bad, but don't listen to it expecting the authentic Taking Back Sunday feel.

Taking Back Sunday - Sink into Me

ooon-ca ooon-ca ooon-ca
Okay, let's get this out there. In general, I hate gay music. I hate it. It either sounds like the noise ferrets make when they take meth, backed by a music video with two half-naked men running on the beach, freeze-framing mid-jump with the words "love conquers all" superimposed on the screen in pastel pink; or it's some guy with no vocal talent who got himself a record deal because he's gay and marginally attractive.
Not Matt Alber.
Matt Alber not only has a beautiful voice, but he's not too hard on the eyes. While a good chunk of his music sounds a bit Postal Service meets the Garden State soundtrack, his single End of the World is a beautiful ballad of a broken heart. Check out the music video, it's amazing. Note: there's no CGI, special effects, nothing. When the sun comes in like that, it's because they took careful planning and got it right the first time.

Weird Al: "My mind is in suburbia, soccer moms and avrilites"
Punk Goes... is a series that's been around for a while, and it's really quite a favorite of mine. I love the Punk Goes Acoustics, but my favorites are the Punk Goes Pops. Punk Goes Pop Volume 2 was released recently, chock full of covers of your favorite pop songs. While almost all the tracks are pretty stellar, there's a few that really stick out. The Cab did an awesome job covering Disturbia, though their tendency to abuse the auto-tuner makes me wonder if it's really a punk cover. (not that I really care, I'm gonna listen to it anyway. Other people care though.) Mayday Parade slays the competition with their rendition of When I Grow Up. Basically, few things make me happier than that song. ATTACK ATTACK! did a cover of I Kissed a Girl which personally, I find a little unnecessary, considering they're guys. At least go the Cobra Starship route and sing I Kissed a Boy. Come on people. Silverstein did an awesome cover of Apologize (originally by OneRepublic) totally changing the sound. School Boy Humor did the same with Realize (originally by Colbie Caillait) completely changing the sound of the song for the better. Give them a listen, then comment and tell me your favorite!

The Cab - Disturbia
Attack Attack! - I Kissed a Girl
Silverstein - Apologize
Mayday Parade - When I Grow Up
School Boy Humor - Realize
Cobra Starship - I Kissed a Boy

Next Time!
Keep reading to see all the reasons I hate Eminem, say something nice about Keri Hilson, maybe make a joke at Lindsay Lohan's expense, completely abuse strikethrough humor, and hang out with Gary Busey question my life decisions.
Take care!

Fer Sure Definitely

I realized I might be getting a little too indie. And by that, I mean I'm sorry for not constantly reporting on Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears. My bad.

Mah Mah Mah Mah
Dear Lady Gaga,
You're fruckin' weird.
No really, you're strange.
When I first saw you, you were performing on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance.
And I thought, "Damn, that woman is strange."
I wouldn't listen to you at first. Why? 'Cuz you're weird.
But then I actually listened to the lyrics of your song, Just Dance. It's all about getting really, really drunk. The beat was really good, I love Colby O'Donis, and the Kardinal Offishall remix is pretty awesome. So Okay, I thought, I can like Lady Gaga. That's okay.
Poker Face rocked. Starstruck featuring Flo Rida totally rocks.
You? You're still strange. I even included parts of your Just Dance music video in a postmodernism project I did.
The Superficial, a snarky celebrity blog, did a piece on how damn strange you are too.

However, you're awesome enough that Busta Rhymes decided to remix Just Dance. And basically, it's ballin'. They took your pop joint and brought it to the hood.
Listen/Download: here

I want to see a literal intepretation of this song.
Bad Girlfriend, by Theory of a Deadman, is quite a raunchy song. Maybe one day I'll have a "Raunchy Song" post, where I just post the raunchiest of songs.
The first line is "My girlfriend's a d!ck magnet."
This is the funniest thing I've ever heard.
Don't even trip, that's just ridiculous sounding.

Anyway, they play this song at the bars all the time, for a good reason.
It's awesome.
See the video here

He Tastes Like You, Only Sweeter
William Tell, the original Guitarist for Something Corporate (one of the best bands ever) went Solo back in 2004. I managed to see him play with Jimmy Robbins back in late February, and damn, he is an amazing musician. Live he plays acoustic, but he doesn't sound strange on his CD with a full band.
See him play live:
(I was actually at this concert - In the "Hauling Oats" video, when he says "are you that friend?" ...he was referring to me, because my lovely friends were pointing at me. Thanks guys. You can then hear me and a couple other girls being happy that we're the not the only ones there over 21. Then when he says "okay, pretend you're in a club," me and my two friends were the only ones that started moving. At all. Still, killer concert.)
Hauling Oats -
Just for You -
Let's Go to Bed -

Fer Sure Bomb
Concerned Mothers, hide your daughters. The Medic Droid (now defunct) was a Myspace sensation with their song Fer Sure. Wrought with salacious lyrics and post-teen angst, the song was an instant hit for anyone who gave it a listen.
Hear it Here (caution: NSFW!!)

I sure hope I get some followers soon. I know i've been posting for a whole two days, but still. Read it. Add me to your StumbleUpon. I'd like people to actually read this, ya know?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Honey is for Bees, silly bear,

I'm frustrated. Halfway through this blog, firefox crashed. Boo.
Anyway, you may be wondering what credentials I have to be talking about music.
I don't.
I'm not indie. I'm not cool. I haven't even been to that many concerts.
(Just for the record, I've seen Meg & Dia, Say Anything, Jack's Mannequin, Jimmy Robbins, William Tell, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy. In that order. A few of them were together.)
But that's the thing - I don't have a motive. I don't wanna tout how cool my music is in comparison to yours. I listen to Fall Out Boy for crap's sake, I know I'm not cool.
But I do like music. A lot. A whole lot. I love talking about music. So that's what I'm going to do.

Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous

Okay, so here's the deal. I have a love/hate relationship with some of the bands on Decaydance records. We're going to start with The Cab. They have a pretty nice sound... a little manufactured, but that's to be expected in today's world. They're kinda... weird looking. They kinda look like they don't fit. But hey, it happens. Now let's talk about Hey Monday. I don't like them because Pete Wentz is shoving them down my throat - at the Believers Never Die part deux tour, she wormed her way on stage during almost every other band and sang a chorus or two. (incidentally, Cobra Starship made a song for their new cd, Hot Mess, called "Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Famous") On top of it, from what I understand, they're kinda dicks at concerts. I like them because I love Cassadee's voice. A lot.
On Fall Out Boy's Citizens for our Betterment Mixtape (produced by Clinton Sparks,) The Cab remade their song Take My Hand, now featuring Cassadee.
And I love it.
A whole lot.
Listen/Download it here:

I Love Alliteration
Maria Mena (who is Norweigian and Nicaraguan) was famous back in the day for her single "You're the Only One". She's back again with her newest album which is, of course, only available in Norway. Because the rest of the world hates America. The 22 year old pop/contemporary artist has had a few number one singles and has had two of her songs featured on the hit series So You Think You Can Dance? Her newest single is called All This Time (Pick-Me-Up Song). It's an absolutely adorable, sickeningly sweet pop song that actually does kinda pick me up. The rest of the album isn't as sweet - she opens up about the eating disorder she used to suffer from, and the anguish of having an ever-present and demanding mother. She's an amazing artists, and I hope everyone gets the chance to get into her work.
All This Time ( )
You're the Only One ( )
Sorry ( )
Nevermind Me ( )

Who doesn't love a Remix?
Going to see Fall Out Boy was like a dream come true. They were awesome... okay, maybe a little too political for my tastes, but awesome nonetheless. Pete was all "Oh, overthrow Corporate America, boo to the man!" Besides the fact that they are the man, I really just wanted them to get over it and play some Goddamn music. I don't go to McDonalds for the atmosphere, and I don't go to concerts to get preached at.
While there, they previewed a "lil" remix they had off their new iTunes B-Sides album release called "America's Suitehearts: Remixed, Retouched, Rehabbed and Retoxed"
This B-Side offers two remixes of America's Suitehearts, one by Mark Hoppus and one by Lil' Wayne. It also offers a beautiful acoustic song called Lullabye, along with an acoustic version of America's Suitehearts.
Mark Hoppus remix ( )
Lil' Wayne remix ( )
Remix with Joe Budden, 88, & Murs ( )
South Rakkas Remix ( )
Lullabye ( )

They don't make 'em like us anymore
What If?, from Meg and Dia's new album Here, Here, and Here is basically an amazing song. The choruses are a little weak, but the verses are strong and full of power. If you're not into this band yet, I highly suggest you get your ass in gear. Their newest single is called Black Wedding. Did I mention I saw them in concert a couple years ago? Oh my god, they're amazing.

There might be a test for that?
Your Sex is on Fire is the new single by Kings of Leon. To be honest, this is the first song I've ever heard from them. And I LOVE it. They play it all the time at Reed's, and while it may be a thinly veiled STD reference, it makes me happy.

Next Time: William Tell, The Medic Droid, and more!

This Subject is Relevant to my Interests

Welcome to my newest blog, Alex's iPod. I've seen so many music blogs that are all about indie music or proving how much cooler than everyone else they are. Well... that's not how I roll. Yeah, I like the occasional indie stuff. But I also listen to Fall Out Boy and Flo Rida. Mainstream doesn't suck. Simple as that.

Kelly Clarkson will not have sex with you... but she will make out with you in front of the whole family.

The American Idol's newest single is called I Do Not Hook Up.
Let's be real for a second - we all know Kelly's not been the same since Breakaway. It's just not the same. Whoever was writing for her has to get their ass back in there. However, this new single, it's... well.. it's... uh... strangely catchy. Yeah, okay, it's not bad! I kinda like it. The video is a little pretentious and strange, but it does remind me what KC is like wasted. Man, does that bring up some memories.
Go watch the music video on youtube, then watch this video of KC wasted at a concert and being an all-around badass.

Ashley Tisdale's important...?
Just kidding, I actually have mad respect for Ashley Tisdale.
I mean, she got through High School Musical without turning to Alcohol. Wish I could have done that.
Her newest song is called It's Alright, It's OK. Please watch the video. Oh no, I'm not saying it's good, not by any stretch of the imagination. But use your imagination... does it remind you of something? No? Hmm. Well, I said I missed old school KC, I'm glad ATis is attempting to turn that around...

P!nk has attachment issues... who knew?
P!nk's new single is called Please Don't Leave Me. I think it's funny that her last albums name was "I'm not Dead Yet" considering she hasn't stopped putting out number one songs since the 1990's. My mom set me up with a girl once who was just like Pink. We went to the skating rink for three hours. I had bruises for three months. ...that might explain a lot...
Check out the video for Please Don't Leave Me, it's a killer music video.

Imma Be bored
Black Eyed Peas, come on. You've really fallen from the days of Hey Mama and My Humps. Don't get me wrong, Boom Boom Pow was good, but... well... it could have used some work. I miss the slight reggaeton feel you guys had. Imma Be is, honestly, a terrible song. Really. Please, please, go back to your roots, k? Or at least the ones you had once Fergie quit Meth and got the sex change.

Gossip Girl Bites Back
Good Girls Go Bad is the new single by Cobra Starship feat. Blair WaldorfLeighton Meester.
This is a fantastic song. Okay, yeah, Gabe didn't write it and Blair Leighton can't sing worth anything, but damn. This is going to be a bad girl anthem for a while.

I'm not going to make a snarky title. Weightless, the new All Time Low single, is amazing. Let's just say I've been listening to it on repeat. There are few things I recommend more than this song.