Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Subject is Relevant to my Interests

Welcome to my newest blog, Alex's iPod. I've seen so many music blogs that are all about indie music or proving how much cooler than everyone else they are. Well... that's not how I roll. Yeah, I like the occasional indie stuff. But I also listen to Fall Out Boy and Flo Rida. Mainstream doesn't suck. Simple as that.

Kelly Clarkson will not have sex with you... but she will make out with you in front of the whole family.

The American Idol's newest single is called I Do Not Hook Up.
Let's be real for a second - we all know Kelly's not been the same since Breakaway. It's just not the same. Whoever was writing for her has to get their ass back in there. However, this new single, it's... well.. it's... uh... strangely catchy. Yeah, okay, it's not bad! I kinda like it. The video is a little pretentious and strange, but it does remind me what KC is like wasted. Man, does that bring up some memories.
Go watch the music video on youtube, then watch this video of KC wasted at a concert and being an all-around badass.

Ashley Tisdale's important...?
Just kidding, I actually have mad respect for Ashley Tisdale.
I mean, she got through High School Musical without turning to Alcohol. Wish I could have done that.
Her newest song is called It's Alright, It's OK. Please watch the video. Oh no, I'm not saying it's good, not by any stretch of the imagination. But use your imagination... does it remind you of something? No? Hmm. Well, I said I missed old school KC, I'm glad ATis is attempting to turn that around...

P!nk has attachment issues... who knew?
P!nk's new single is called Please Don't Leave Me. I think it's funny that her last albums name was "I'm not Dead Yet" considering she hasn't stopped putting out number one songs since the 1990's. My mom set me up with a girl once who was just like Pink. We went to the skating rink for three hours. I had bruises for three months. ...that might explain a lot...
Check out the video for Please Don't Leave Me, it's a killer music video.

Imma Be bored
Black Eyed Peas, come on. You've really fallen from the days of Hey Mama and My Humps. Don't get me wrong, Boom Boom Pow was good, but... well... it could have used some work. I miss the slight reggaeton feel you guys had. Imma Be is, honestly, a terrible song. Really. Please, please, go back to your roots, k? Or at least the ones you had once Fergie quit Meth and got the sex change.

Gossip Girl Bites Back
Good Girls Go Bad is the new single by Cobra Starship feat. Blair WaldorfLeighton Meester.
This is a fantastic song. Okay, yeah, Gabe didn't write it and Blair Leighton can't sing worth anything, but damn. This is going to be a bad girl anthem for a while.

I'm not going to make a snarky title. Weightless, the new All Time Low single, is amazing. Let's just say I've been listening to it on repeat. There are few things I recommend more than this song.

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