Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exodus '09

(For what it's worth, my condolences go out to Mike Tyson and his family. I can't imagine what your going through, but I can only hope you have everyone supporting you.)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Jordin Sparks has released the first single from her sophomore album, Battlefield. The lead track, Battlefield, is actually pretty good. I've always kinda liked Jordin - she's the first winner since Kelly Clarkson to do any damage, let alone beat their season's runner-up in album sales (though I have to say, the Blake Lewis album was surprisingly good. I like him.) No Air with Chris Brown is easily one of the most beautiful songs ever. Battlefield isn't half bad. The single, along with a good chunk of the album, is being produced by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, which essentially guarantees success. (he's also working on Leona Lewis' entire new album.)

Jordin Sparks - Battlefield your pants? Get that checked, dude.

Sean Kingston has released a track from his new album Tomorrow, called Fire Burning. I guarantee that this will become a club anthem within a few months, tops. Produced by Red One, (see also Just Dance by Lady Gaga,) the single definitely marks the return of 19 year old Kingston (who, curiously, looks a lot like Kenan Thompson.)

Sean Kingston - Fire Burning (on the dancefloor)

I'm tired of rumors startin'...

Kat deLuna has been just about ignored by mtv and vh1. The 21 year old New York native should have been tearing up the club with her tracks, but I've yet to see a music video of hers anywhere near the charts. Maybe I'm just not paying attention.
Two summers ago, she released the track Whine Up with Elephant Man, and it definitely became a summer anthem on my iPod - it managed to get to #29 on the US charts. She then released a remix of Run the Show with Busta Rhymes (also produced by Red One,) which is still one of my favorite songs - which failed to even break the top 100 in the US charts (only reaching 117.) Unstoppable, a single from her Sophomore album Inside Out and the promotion single for Confessions of a Shopaholic, failed to chart despite the assistance of a verse by Lil' Wayne. Her first official single for the album, Dance Bailalo, was released on May 5th and will shortly have a music video to accompany. Please pay attention to her - she's a crazy talented musician and dancer who has every right to be all over the radio and your playlist - she's already all over mine.

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