Friday, May 22, 2009

Miserable at Best

Pardon the sloppy editing: I'm still getting used to this whole "blogging" thing.

I thought we were done with Avrilites...
Just Jack. ...just kidding. Just Kait is a forty year old hooker 17 year old singer/songwriter. She plays drums, she plays guitar, she plays bass, she sings... and she'll kick your ass. ...or just complain about how much her parents suck 'cuz they won't let her get a tramp stamp lower back tattoo of a flaming dragon coming out of a decayed skull breathing fire and hate. And I mean, don't preps just suck? Like, omg. They should all die. PUnkS t0TaLLy RooLe.
Well, according to this music video for U Suck, they should all have sex with make out with each other.
I can support that.
(Note: this song is the theme song for Parental Control, the realidating show on mtv. Considering that first aired in 2006, that makes this song 3 years old... even though this music video is is just now circulating on mtv, it was recorded when she was 14. At least that's older than Jojo.)

You can have it. Really, I don't mind.
Taking Back Sunday is... well... back. Their new single, Sink into Me, isn't half bad. It kinda really deviates from past Taking Back Sunday ventures - Now on their third singer (Originally Fred Mascherino and John Nolan. John Nolan left to co-create Straylight Run and was vocally replaced by bassist Matt Rubano. Fred Mascherino left the band to create The Color Fred, and the band is now lead vocally by Matt Fazzi, originally of Facing New York) ...where was I? Right. Now on their third lead singer, they've gone towards the solo singer direction, leaving the traditional Taking Back Sunday dual vocalist sound in the dust. I'm not sure how I feel about a band with more ex-band members than current ones, but I'll take my chances. The song isn't half bad, but don't listen to it expecting the authentic Taking Back Sunday feel.

Taking Back Sunday - Sink into Me

ooon-ca ooon-ca ooon-ca
Okay, let's get this out there. In general, I hate gay music. I hate it. It either sounds like the noise ferrets make when they take meth, backed by a music video with two half-naked men running on the beach, freeze-framing mid-jump with the words "love conquers all" superimposed on the screen in pastel pink; or it's some guy with no vocal talent who got himself a record deal because he's gay and marginally attractive.
Not Matt Alber.
Matt Alber not only has a beautiful voice, but he's not too hard on the eyes. While a good chunk of his music sounds a bit Postal Service meets the Garden State soundtrack, his single End of the World is a beautiful ballad of a broken heart. Check out the music video, it's amazing. Note: there's no CGI, special effects, nothing. When the sun comes in like that, it's because they took careful planning and got it right the first time.

Weird Al: "My mind is in suburbia, soccer moms and avrilites"
Punk Goes... is a series that's been around for a while, and it's really quite a favorite of mine. I love the Punk Goes Acoustics, but my favorites are the Punk Goes Pops. Punk Goes Pop Volume 2 was released recently, chock full of covers of your favorite pop songs. While almost all the tracks are pretty stellar, there's a few that really stick out. The Cab did an awesome job covering Disturbia, though their tendency to abuse the auto-tuner makes me wonder if it's really a punk cover. (not that I really care, I'm gonna listen to it anyway. Other people care though.) Mayday Parade slays the competition with their rendition of When I Grow Up. Basically, few things make me happier than that song. ATTACK ATTACK! did a cover of I Kissed a Girl which personally, I find a little unnecessary, considering they're guys. At least go the Cobra Starship route and sing I Kissed a Boy. Come on people. Silverstein did an awesome cover of Apologize (originally by OneRepublic) totally changing the sound. School Boy Humor did the same with Realize (originally by Colbie Caillait) completely changing the sound of the song for the better. Give them a listen, then comment and tell me your favorite!

The Cab - Disturbia
Attack Attack! - I Kissed a Girl
Silverstein - Apologize
Mayday Parade - When I Grow Up
School Boy Humor - Realize
Cobra Starship - I Kissed a Boy

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