Friday, May 22, 2009

Fer Sure Definitely

I realized I might be getting a little too indie. And by that, I mean I'm sorry for not constantly reporting on Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears. My bad.

Mah Mah Mah Mah
Dear Lady Gaga,
You're fruckin' weird.
No really, you're strange.
When I first saw you, you were performing on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance.
And I thought, "Damn, that woman is strange."
I wouldn't listen to you at first. Why? 'Cuz you're weird.
But then I actually listened to the lyrics of your song, Just Dance. It's all about getting really, really drunk. The beat was really good, I love Colby O'Donis, and the Kardinal Offishall remix is pretty awesome. So Okay, I thought, I can like Lady Gaga. That's okay.
Poker Face rocked. Starstruck featuring Flo Rida totally rocks.
You? You're still strange. I even included parts of your Just Dance music video in a postmodernism project I did.
The Superficial, a snarky celebrity blog, did a piece on how damn strange you are too.

However, you're awesome enough that Busta Rhymes decided to remix Just Dance. And basically, it's ballin'. They took your pop joint and brought it to the hood.
Listen/Download: here

I want to see a literal intepretation of this song.
Bad Girlfriend, by Theory of a Deadman, is quite a raunchy song. Maybe one day I'll have a "Raunchy Song" post, where I just post the raunchiest of songs.
The first line is "My girlfriend's a d!ck magnet."
This is the funniest thing I've ever heard.
Don't even trip, that's just ridiculous sounding.

Anyway, they play this song at the bars all the time, for a good reason.
It's awesome.
See the video here

He Tastes Like You, Only Sweeter
William Tell, the original Guitarist for Something Corporate (one of the best bands ever) went Solo back in 2004. I managed to see him play with Jimmy Robbins back in late February, and damn, he is an amazing musician. Live he plays acoustic, but he doesn't sound strange on his CD with a full band.
See him play live:
(I was actually at this concert - In the "Hauling Oats" video, when he says "are you that friend?" ...he was referring to me, because my lovely friends were pointing at me. Thanks guys. You can then hear me and a couple other girls being happy that we're the not the only ones there over 21. Then when he says "okay, pretend you're in a club," me and my two friends were the only ones that started moving. At all. Still, killer concert.)
Hauling Oats -
Just for You -
Let's Go to Bed -

Fer Sure Bomb
Concerned Mothers, hide your daughters. The Medic Droid (now defunct) was a Myspace sensation with their song Fer Sure. Wrought with salacious lyrics and post-teen angst, the song was an instant hit for anyone who gave it a listen.
Hear it Here (caution: NSFW!!)

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  1. i just wanna say that i also saw lady gaga on SYTYCD and thought she was a weirdo. she was like singing into a rock shaped microphone. now i love her. shes still kinda weird though.

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    yr blog = good times

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