Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Queen is considering adopting recent American Idol loser runner-up Adam Lambert as a new frontman. The band hasn't had a steady frontman since the loss of Freddie Mercury in 1991. Paul Rodgers, formerly of Bad Company, had been touring with them for the last four years, but Lambert may be the replacement. Talks haven't happened yet, but they're planning on having a "meaningful conversation" sometime soon. (Billboard)

If your boyfriend's got beef, tell him to make me a burger.

3OH!3 is a Rap/Hip-Hop group from Chicago who, despite being marginally attractive white guys, show the genre that they mean business. Their big single right now is Don't Trust Me, and it's currently number 7 on the Billboard charts.
Most of the album is more hard-core hip hop, but check out the track Still Around for more of a ballad.

3OH!3's Myspace
Still Around
Don't Dance

I would punch a baby to live this womans life.

So Katy Perry has a new music video out for her track Waking Up In Vegas. Besides clearly being a huge advert for Vegas, it's actually a really catchy track and a pretty music video (Penn and Teller make a cameo!) I still don't know how much I trust Katy Perry, but damn does she have some catchy music.

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