Sunday, May 24, 2009

So, Peter, You've Become a Pirate

Okay, so I might be addicted to eBay. Down side, I may not be able to afford the things I've bid on. Bright side, Jam Sessions for the DS is on it's way! In honor of it, this post I'll be discussing acoustic musicians.

This is Andrew, my puppet...
The Scene Aesthetic

The Scene Aesthetic is an awesome acoustic band from Seattle headed by Andrew de Torres and Eric Bowlan. They're full of love and totally legit. Eric recently got back from a two year stint in Argentina doing mission work. They first achieved fame all over myspace for being the adorable little tykes they are (and maybe something about music. I dunno.) Andrew is also the lead of another band you may have heard of, Danger Radio. (Apparently, Andrew is just plain ridiculous. My old roommate saw Danger Radio, and he apparently fell over while singing, and spent a majority of the aftershow playing tag with his adorable girlfriend.) Long story short, I love these guys.

The Scene Aesthetic on Myspace
Andrew de Torres - Let Go
Andrew de Torres - Such Great Heights
The Scene Aesthetic - The Alamo is no Place for Dancing

I wanna be Everything to You
Jimmy Robbins

Jimmy Robbins is a musician signed to Motown Records from North Carolina (maybe south? I get them mixed up) who is gonna charm the pants off of you... except he respects you too much, so cover up. Back in February I saw Jimmy live with William Tell... and my friends and I had a fifteen minute conversation with them after the show. Easily two of the coolest guys I've ever met... especially considering how awkward I was. I mean, I was completely starstruck... not to mention, Jimmy's even prettier in person. Sooooooo pretty. ...anyways, Jimmy often updates his myspace with videos of him singing, usually preceeded by information about what he's up to (and usually an update on how sweaty he is.) His big single is Breathe Again, but I don't know if there's any songs of his I don't like.

Jimmy Robbins on Myspace
Update + Taylor Swift Cover
Update + Miley Cyrus Cover
Update + Breathe Again
Update + Surgery (beautiful song. made me cry the first time.)

Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue is 3 brothers (plus some other guy) that got their start in Gainsville, Florida. Lead by vocalist Alejandro Manzano, Boyce Avenue doesn't just do their own stuff - oh no. They've covered everything from Linkin Park to Rihanna, and they do an amazing job. I found them over spring break and completely fell in love. His vocals are amazing to listen to, and Alejandro knows that guitar like nobody's business. They'll be playing a show in Philadelphia in June, I'm mad excited.

Boyce Avenue on Facebook
Boyce Avenue on Myspace
No Air
Shadow of the Day
Change Your Mind (Original)

And that's all she wrote! Thanks for playing!! Keep reading, tell all your friends!

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