Friday, September 18, 2009

Pixie Lott - Turn It Up (Album Review)

You guys remember a little bit ago when I posted Pixie Lott's acoustic covers of Use Somebody? After that I started looking up a bit more of her, and on Tuesday she dropped her first full album, Turn It Up. Let's talk about it!

I. Love. This. Album.

I love this album.

This is an extremely feel-good-brit-pop album. Pixie has this beautiful Raspy voice and bubbly personality that's like if Pink and Lady Gaga had a love child, but made sure it never drank or did coke off dirty guy's penises (respectively.) The music itself sounds sorta like if Amy CrackWhinehouse and Duffy had a baby that never did drugs. Mind you, I don't really care for Amy Crackhouse or Duffy, but for some reason, everything works just right for me with Pixie Lott.

So far, the #1 Singles Mama Do and Boys and Girls are my favorites on the album, but that's also because they're definitely the most Radio-Ready songs on the album. The rest are songs that you'd maybe put on a mix cd for someone you know really well, or listen to on your iPod on the walk to work. So far, my favorite tracks other than Mama Do and Boys and Girls are Band-Aid and Turn It Up (the Fall). I also really, really like Here We Go Again (produced by Red One, producer of hits like Just Dance by Lady Gaga and Run The Show by Kat DeLuna) and Gravity. Both are just cute, catchy brit-pop tunes that make me happy.

What's especially surprising about Pixie is that she's only 18, yet she has the voice and persona of a complete seasoned professional. Show-Biz is 100% ready for Pixie. Granted, American media has only noticed her because she's blonde and has tig ol' bitties, but I (clearly) like her for a lot more than that. I'm very curious to see how far she can take it in America, but I honestly think she'll be a-okay.

Mama Do

Boys and Girls

Apologize (Live Acoustic)

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