Friday, June 19, 2009

sytycd rules my life.

So You Think You Can Dance always inspires my playlists. Lemme give you a peek at the SYTYCD music scene.

Terry Poison - 24 Hours (Aston Shuffle A-Bomb Remix)
While this routine wasn't necessarily my favorite of the night (it was really good though) the song really hit me. I was like "hmm. I need this. I've been listening to this and the original version all night. Put this on your playlist!

Nadia Oh - Hot Like Wow
What an interesting song! It's very unique and powerful. Put this on your iPod, you won't regret it.

Kristina DeBarge - Goodbye
When the song that Goodbye samples came out, it was the biggest dance hit of it's era. DeBarge's version is very danceable, but not exactly versatile. This would have been killer as a Rihanna hit, but I think that it's kinda weak with DeBarge. We'll see how this train goes.

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